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The Shops at GGB created by Jessica Holter (Founder of The Punany Poets) features The Art and Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection, Membership to our nonprofit organization and access to our S.E.T. events, both live and online at Punany TV. Also known as Ghetto Girl Blue, Holter invite you to explore her online gallery of visual and wearable art and to join us during our 2022 Valentine's Season.

Explore The Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collectionm

Check Out Jessica Holter's Customized Wearable Art & Sexy Select for Fashion & Fundraising

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Get Digital Downloads of Books, Audio Books and Soundtracks by Jessica Holter and The Punany Poets. Listen free online at Audius and get exclusive offers with Tickets.

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  • The Verbal Penetration Project

    Yes! You can still own a copy of Verbal Penetration Hardcover book. Order in sets for your book club, classroom, swag bags, or to secure a live theater performance.

  • Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue

    Visual and Wearable Art by Jessica Holter: Remember me, everything in the Shops and Ghetto Girl Blue is customizable. Explore The Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection. Let us know if you would like fundraising Merch created for your organization. Email info@hipinc.org.

  • Free Social Networks

    Please join our Social Media Network to communicate a bit off the grid. We believe in your first amendment right to speak your mind. Positive energy is encouraged in our no-judgement zone. If you are looking for our new Dating Apps, try CoffyLove.com.

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The Biography of Jessica Holter

Jessica Holter thinks of herself as an adult foster child, who is grateful for the opportunity to raise children who might otherwise be lost in the system as she once was. But the world-renowned orator is a powerhouse on the urban poetry scene, best known as the founder of a nonprofit community theater project commonly known as The Punany Poets.

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CUSTOMIZATION: How it works! We can make almost anything with our HIP Art (or yours). This piece is called "Out of Mourning"