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Hi, this is Jessica. I have created this super cool HIP Shop to put my artistic endeavors, theater programs, and public service projects in the same place for you to easily find online. Follow links to those sites from here. The bulk of this site Visual Art and Wearable Art for Fashion and Fundraising, The Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection.

Explore The Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection

Season of Love, 2022

Our 27th Season will feature unique productions, performed once live, and delivered On-Demand on our channel Punany TV. Leave a message if you would like to attend as our VIP Guest, a Sponsor or a Producer.

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Music & Audiobooks

Immerse yourself in the classic sound of The Punany Poets and Spoken Word stylings of Jessica Holter and The HIP Team as you tune in and turn up the volume on Jessica's HIP Audio Vault at Audius. It is free to subscribe. Listen while these works are available to the public.

* Contact info@hipinc.org about licenses and commissions of Voiceovers & Music Recordings at info@hipinc.org.

Ready... Go...

Nonfungible Punany

We are making our debut with special edition Punany Memorabilia in our Nonfungible Punany Gallery on Open Sea. Nonfungible Punany... Just reach out and grab it!.

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The Biography of Jessica Holter

Jessica Holter thinks of herself as an adult foster child, who is grateful for the opportunity to raise children who might otherwise be lost in the system as she once was. But the world-renowned orator is a powerhouse on the urban poetry scene, best known as the founder of a nonprofit community theater project commonly known as The Punany Poets.

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Holter Intellectual Property, Inc.

I remind you here about your opportunity to join our nonprofit family of artists and supporter at HipInc.org.

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Production Staff



If you are interested in being part of our staff, please Join The HIP Team and then contact us at info@hipinc.org.

Presently we are looking for:

  • Sound Technicians
  • Lighting Technicians
  • Front of House Theater Managers
  • Stage Managers



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Corsets & Such

Sexy suggestions for creating Punany Scenes in your own life!

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