Birds of a Feather - Why is your name on the Lolita Express Manifest?

Birds of a Feather - Why is your name on the Lolita Express Manifest?

id·i·o·mat·ic (idēəmadik) | adjective 1. using, containing, or denoting expressions that are natural to a native speaker. i.e "Birds of a feather flock together."

So um, ok, I know most of us are distracted by the lockdown. So, I just wanted to make a quick blog to get y'all up to speed on what should be the most historic Sex Trafficking Take Down of all time.


I am going to start with a Timeline on Accused and Convicted Pedophile & International Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein

2005: When Jeffrey Epstein found out he was being investigated by police for the sexual abuse of underage girls; Called Alan Dershowitz. The Federal Government had him for sex-trafficking 36 different women and girls as young as 14.

2008: Dershowitz helps get Epstein get a Non-Prosecution Agreement that amounted to 13 months for “soliciting prostitution and procuring a minor for prostitution” while maintaining limo service to the office every day. He only slept at the jail. Most of the charges were wiped away and immunities were handed out like candy to bottom bitches. R. Kelly's crew of enablers will probably not be so fortunate.

This is what a Non-Prosecution Agreement  looks like -->



For a while, he resumed his pursuits, flying around and making all sorts of friends, according to alleged victims and recently released flight manifests that detail passengers on his private plane, "The Lolita Express" and trips to his private island "Orgy Island." (Man the list of celebrities, politicians and royals will astound some, and confirm for others, what we already believed about who had paid in soul currency for their ride to international celebrity.)


 Excerpt, plea agreement:

Perhaps his death killed the deal and now others may be prosecuted. (I am still such a hippie and a Christian in so many ways, I still have hope for the moral compass of Americans. We will see what happens.)

2014 Prince Andrew was named in a lawsuit filed by a woman, claiming that when she was a teenager, she was kept on Epstein’s private island where she treated as a “sex slave” and forced to have sex with Prince Andrew.

October 2017 #Metoo movement pushes off, and gives women a voice on a mass scale. Heads roll. 

October 11, 2018 President Donald J Trump releases a statement about his plans to end sex trafficking on white House Letter Head... not in a Tweet. 

July 6, 2019 - Epstein was arrested again on Federal Sex Trafficking Charges

August 10, 2019: Jeffrey Epstein is found dead in his cell at age 66 at Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York City, U.S.

Aug. 11, 2019 Mark Epstein (brother to Jeffrey) hired Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, to observe his brother’s autopsy.

August 29, 2019,  Judge dismissed all criminal charges against the man who died with a million secrets. Starting with lists of names that are circulating through the internet. Of course, you must be careful to get the list online.

None of the names I recognized on the Lolita Express Manifest surprise me. It took me exactly 6 weeks in pursuit of a recording deal for The Punany Poets audio to confirm with my soul that Hollywood is a den of inspired sin. (This story, another time.) By "inspired sin," I mean the type of sin one is inspired to do once you reach the crossroads of Super Stardom Hwy and Blacklist Blvd. It is the decision you make, in the crucial moment, when vanity faces off with morality. 

Vanity? Yes. Here I want to use Vanity, because it leads us to so many other sins. Reflect on the final minute of The Devil's Advocate, when Al Pacino muses "Vanity, definitely my favorite sin." The audience is left with the realization that, vanity will lead the protagonist down a similar path to achieve the same result. Which in this case is, uniting brother and sister through sexual ritual to create the Anti-Christ. Good movie, a must-watch.

So, for now, only Tova Noel and Michael Thomas are indited.


Tova & Michael, the unfortunate black guards, assigned to watch Epstein the night he died and "pencil-whipping the count." They say the pair fell asleep on their shifts, surfed the net, failed to make rounds and falsified the paperwork, but entering rounds, they did not make. 

I do find it interesting that you would choose staffers who are overworked, on a double shift to guard a high profile case such as this. And how many sheets do they give prisoners?


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