Learning from Our Legacies: Conversations with Our Seniors

Learning from Our Legacies: Conversations with Our Seniors

As a child, I would sit for hours under my Momma's colorful stories. About how she was related to President Washington. How her father got his farm swindled from him. How Black men came to having women in many cities largely because of railroad work and the travel it commanded.

One story I loved a lot was about a Black Man in a white suit on a train, puffed up and heading North to his freedom. There was a bedbug on his shoulder. When a White man went to take the bed bug off of him, the newly freed Black man said put it back! White Folks can't stand to see us have nothin!  I wrote about that in a poem called Bed Bug. It's in the Verbal Penetration book published by Zane.

And I'll bet you did not know that the term Honkie comes from the post slavery period when White men would pull up to the edge of a shanty town and honk his horn for young women to come out for cash & favor sex. "Your Honky is outside."

The ideas of eugenics are also not new to me, as my Momma had explained many times to me that sterilization is just something White folks do to Black and Latino women.

Anyway, I was just thinking, A lot our seniors are dying right now. This means the history they recorded in their minds will be dying too. We should spend more time with our oldest relatives when we can. Asks questions, record them. Document your history as it is actually remembered by those who lived it. Please do not get frustrated just because they tell you something more than once. Be patient, and listen, as long as you relay on any official stories about anything, the truth will be hidden from you.

Since I am 50 now, just 5 years younger than the woman who took me in, when I was a lost foster child, I want to tell you things I have learned on this journey. "The Crack in Our Line" is part of that share. I hope you enjoy it. 



Jessica Holter | Ghetto Girl Blue · The Crack in Our Line (w/Music)


If you do not have grands, look at videos of old wise men and women. Some super-truth tellers are on Youtube, though censorship is rampant nowadays. I suggest Dr. Sebi for natural health care and sexual vitality through diet, Civil Rights Activist and Comedian Dick Gregory, Prince Rogers Nelson, Michael Jackson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Huey B Newton - visit my channel at www.coffytv.com for some of these links.

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