The Wicked Number 13

The Wicked Number 13

Recently, the US government changed the distance needed to avoid contact with Covid 19, from 6 feet to 13 feet. This got me to thinking about numbers. Specifically the number 13, and it’s haunted reputation. Now, I know little to nothing about numerology, but I do have a deep understanding of subliminal crafting. By this I mean the power of suggestion and the implantation of ideas using media. For example, the film industry used to put little pictures of popcorn on film frames that went by so fast people were unaware. They called this  “motivational research” or “subliminal advertising.” Your eye did see them, and your mind did register the messages, and you did go by popcorn. The method was said to have been banned in 1974, but… if you can see the word “sex” in this glass of gin... you can probably surmise that subliminal crafting is more like a dope man today, standing in our mesolimbic dopamine pathway serving doses of motivation and rewards. He’s got connections in the VTA (ventral tegmental area), the nucleus accumbens, the mesocortical pathway and the Cerebral Cortex, leaving you up there on cloud nine, Hypothalamus exposed, and joyful for a like or comment; disappointed to go unnoticed. Yes, even the like button on your FB page was carefully researched with comparative data used by casinos to please you and keep you wanting more.  But, as usual, I digress. I am here to talk about the number 13.

Suspicions about the cursed nature of the number 13 are astounding. I have noticed the roots of 13 related fear often has to do with religious beliefs, women, witchery, general evil-doing and evil-doers who are somehow related to the number through a “historical” or literary event or date. But I am going to start this list with a few of my own observations. I found it interesting that some astrologists believe the African people of the Earth are ruled by the number 13.

  1. Sons of Ham: Nimrod, the mighty hunter who was 'before the Lord' (meaning he tried to take the place of God - Genesis 10:9), was the 13th in Ham's line. (Ham was one of Noah's three sons who survived the flood). Church leaders have spread the opinion that Ham was cursed by Noah to have black skin, though the bible does not mention Black skin as part of the curse. This was a primary justification for American Slavery and color-based racism, still alive today and still included in a book the sons and daughters of former slaves cherish. GGB Summary: “Noah gets drunk, passes out naked, his Son Ham looks upon him (or something, it is not clear what he did to his father while he was passed out.). Tells his brothers, their dad is drunk and naked. His brothers cover their father, refusing to look upon him. When Noah awakes, he is aware that Ham has defiled or disrespected him in some way. He curses Ham’s children are then cursed by Noah to be servants to servants for many generations. Holy Bible, Genesis 9:21-25. A very detailed video about color in the bible can be seen here → Video (Sidebar, the only color curses in the bible refer to skin becoming white as a curse.)
  2. The 13th amendment. OK, you won’t put a thirteenth floor in a hotel, but you can base America Slave Freedom on it?
  3. Trickery in 13th Amendment wordplay: This amendment was supposed to free indigenous black and brown prisoners of war from the Americas and those who were kidnapped for slave purposes from the Caribbean Island and parts of Africa. Certainly it brought bad luck to the south. But it has a huge loophole that reverts you back into a slave once you have been convicted of a crime. 
  4. Perhaps the key to happiness lay in First Corinthians, the only book in the Bible whose 13th chapter has exactly 13 verses: "And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love." Self-love is critical to escaping captivity of all kinds.
  5. If the Last Supper was a Passover meal. John suggests that the meal was eaten the day before Passover, which has led some scholars to date the Last Supper to the 13th of Nisan (a month on the Jewish calendar), while others say that the crucifixion itself was on the 13th of Nisan.
  6. The Knights Templar, protectors of the Holy Grail (the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper) were arrested and executed beginning, Friday, October 13, 1307.
  7. If your name has 13 letters, like Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy, and Adolfus Hitler you are doomed.
  8. Friday the 13th is a bad day for business. In fact, they even have a name for this number 13 induced financial fear, “Paraskevidekatriaphobia.”
  9. The 13th card of the Tarot is the card of Death
  10. Ok, so if thirteen is such a bad number, why is it all over our money? Money: Starting with the 13 colonies, the first national flag had 13 stars, and even today it still has 13 stripes. On the green side of the dollar bill there are 13 steps in the pyramid of the Great Seal. The motto above the pyramid, which reads “Annuit Coeptis,” has 13 letters; the eagle on the right side has a ribbon in its beak that bears the motto “E pluribus unum,” which contains 13 letters. The eagle has 13 tail feathers, and on its breast there is a shield of 13 stripes. In one talon the eagle holds 13 arrows, and in the other an olive branch with 13 leaves and 13 berries. Over the eagle’s head are 13 stars that form the six-pointed “Star of David.”
  11. Numerology: In the occult science of numerology it is said that, “He who understands the number 13 will be given power and dominion. It is a number of upheaval and destruction; a symbol of power which, if wrongly used, will wreak havoc and destruction upon itself.” Astronomically, on July 4th the longitude of the Sun is 12° Cancer in the Heavens, and on this date the Sun conjoins the great star Sirius, whose longitude is 13° Cancer. Sirius is a first-magnitude star that is 40 times brighter than the Sun, and is the star that rules all African people. It was venerated in Ancient Egypt from time immemorial and was held in great reverence by the ancient Egyptians because it rose heliacally with the Sun at dawn during the inundation of the Nile River, the lifeline of Ancient Egypt.
  12. In astrological parlance it is said: “If the great star Sirius is well-placed in a horoscope, it will contribute to the amassing of wealth and the acquisition of fame and honor.” Sirius conjuncts the Sun in the horoscope of the United States, in the 2nd house of money and material possessions. The Part of Fortune is 13° Capricorn – opposing the Sun and Sirius – in the 8th house of other people’s resources! These powerful cosmic patterns explain, astrologically, the great wealth of this country (much of which was acquired through the ignominious practice of slavery)
  13. The dragon, a symbol for Satan, is found 13 times in Revelation. Satan is behind all rebellion against God.

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