Upcoming Topics on Inner Views with Ghetto Girl Blue

Upcoming Topics on Inner Views with Ghetto Girl Blue


I hope you will join me on my podcast Inner Views with Ghetto Girl Blue on Coffy Talk Radio to engage in my random thoughts and ramblings about things that probably only matter to crazy Scorpios like me who think too much about things that do not matter, except #LOVE, of course, in the end, love is always the matter. For that purpose I will post a few nights of poetry and live show recordings for your heart's pleasure, while I write the associated blogs which will include the following topics, but not necessarily in this order. 

  • Itty-Bitty Boxes: Self-Limiting Labels & Tribalism
  • Cultural Appropriation: Is Imitation the Best form of Flattery? 
  • The Economics of Race and Ethnic Assignment
  • World Population Control by Social & Media Suggestion
  • World Population & Immuno-Control
  • Words are Spells (Part 1): Homographs & Homophones
  • Words are Spells (Part 2): Negative & Positive Affirmations
  • Words are Spells (Part 3): The Politics of Good & Evil
  • Gay for Pay: Is America Promoting Homosexuality and Trans-Ideology for Profit?
  • HIV/AIDS: Forty Years in Perspective

Please suggest a topic by subscribing to the show HERE and sending a message, using the voice mil feature on the site. Just click the purple tap on the right hand side of the page.


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