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To book Jessica Holter, contact by email But first... read this.

My Art and Artistic Direction

The word is God. As a writer, I take the power bestowed upon the writer very seriously. My life, since the first time I was dropped off on the steps of the Berkeley Police station, has been one filled with constant change, that has forced me to be resilient, patient, independent and understanding. Over the last 25 years, I have been a self-made working writer, speaker, and theater producer, best known for creating The Punany Poets. Today, our nonprofit organization has settled down in Atlanta and fired up a plan to create a speech program for the self-esteem development of fostered youth. All booking deposits benefit Voices of Foster Care Documentary and shall be made as a donation to the nonprofit. Members of HIP get the first choice on booking dates and discounted packages. I would love to join your organization in planning something great!

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Jessica Holter, Former Foster Child creates Speech program fro Fosters Youth in Georgia

What Jessica Talks About:

I am available to speak on many topics and to host events, live or online as the case may be, including, but not limited to:
* General or Themed Spoken Word
- Choosing Sexual Health
- Marriage & Monogamy
- Women's Issues
- Foster Care
- Sexual Abuse Survival
- Intimacy after Trauma

My Pedigree

Let me start by saying... I am glad God had a plan for my life. And I am honored that this plan has touched the lives of so many, in so many positive ways.

I was a foster child in Oakland, CA who learned to speak at school, with the aide of the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Programs at Highland Elementary School, and at Elmhurst Jr. High under the direction of Dr. Artist Lovelady Hopkins who was a member of Toastmaster's International and hosted annual competitions, for which I generally performed pieces I wrote, as writing is my first love.

In high school, I honed my craft of expository composition over a summer immersed in the Oakland Urban Journalism Workshop under the leadership San Francisco Chronicle Copy Editor Wanda Ravernell and spend 3 years Journalism Academy at Fremont High School.

As a member of the Youth Evangelism Team at my Church, I studied under Pastor Reverend Newton Carey Junior, who infused my talents with the energy and spirit of the gospel tradition, which turns the average narrative into persuasive edutainment.

In College at Howard University, my voice and passion for the stage and the page grew under the direction of Dr. Debayii Sababu Thomas, minister and professor at Howard University, who also directed The Martin Luther King, Jr Forensic Society.

For the past 25 years I have produced community theater and media projects for the edutainment of the urban community, where our issues intersect at love, faith, sexual health. Along the way, I have given a stage to hundreds of people and reached audiences of millions through television, radio and printed press.

Today, I am prepared again for a World Stage and looking forward to creating a platform for Foster Children to gain survival skills from the power of public speaking.

But enough about me. Please let me know how my skills and experiences can help you to achieve your goals.

- Jessica Holter


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