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Welcome to Jessica Holter's www.GhettoGirlBlue.com

This blog is an update to let you know what going on in our world. So I am going to share a little about a lot of things bases of #FrequentlyAskedQuestions #FAQs.

I was looking for ticket information, what happened, is this Jessica Holter's site for The Punany Poets?

No. The site for The Punany Poets as at www.PunanyPoets.com.

What is this website?

GhettoGirlBlue.com and it's store The Shops at GGB are Jessica Holter's Art Gallery and a community fundraising site for the programs she supports through the nonprofit, Holter Intellectual Property, Inc. The Shops at GGB featuring The Art and Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection: Wearable Art and Customizable designs for Fashion and Fundraising. You may never have to buy a ticket to The Punany Poets Shows, if you become a member of HIP and order the Soldier of Love Dog Tag at the $50 donation level. But, if you are not a member, and are in need of tickets, for now, they can be found at www.punanytickets.com. * Some events are only open to members. Support HIP media programs with orders of great head-turners, like our Soldier of Love Dog Tags - your magic key to Punany shows.

What are the benefits of membership? 

Find out more about HIP at www.hipinc.org.

Can you put my name on something? 

Yes. Most of the items you find in our store can be customized.

Oh really? Can you put my picture on a blanket, so every time my wife gets a chill while I am away from home, she can wrap up in my smiling face?

Yes. We can wrap your wife in your likeness, and keep her warm for you.

How do you do this?

LOL. Membership has is privileges.

OK, I see how you are. Well, I was actually looking for books. I see it's harder to find them online.

Regarding Books by Jessica Holter and The Punany Poets, two titles are available through Simon & Schuster:

(Poetry) Verbal Penetration

(Novel) The Punany Experience: The War Between Tops and Bottoms.

Punany The Hip Hop Psalms, 1998 Edition is a collector's item. You can find it on Ebay, perhaps, for about $300.

Verbal Penetration 2: Pussy Willow, Jessica Holter's new book will release on April 1st. 

All other Punany titles are out of print.

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