Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated Mission Statement

Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated Mission Statement


Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated

HIP (Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated is an education-based nonprofit organization in the State of Georgia. The HIP Team creates visual art, scripts, audio, video for education and entertainment.

  • Publishing (Literary, Audio, Video)
  • Touring
  • Visual Art
  • Content Creation
  • Creative Commons Library
  • Oratory Development Program for Fostered Youth

Objectives supporting this mission statement are:

  • To sponsor or produce 25 live theater productions per year for sexual health education for African American Adults during Black History Month an annual program coordinated with community artists in primary markets we developed over 25 years of touring.
  • To create or produce 1 book per year under our publishing program for unsigned writers (We do not offer writer contracts nor do we engage in profit sharing at this time. We raise money and assist artists with projects they need help with. We offer honorariums, provide travel and housing with opportunities to tour.)
  • To develop and draw from local talent to the maximum extent possible.
  • To sustain and increase recognition and financial support to fostered youth who want to participate in our much-anticipated youth program Voices of Foster Care. We are seeking to raise $50,000 for this Documentary and Oratory (Speech) program for self-esteem development,  through scholarships and through online sales of projects created by HIP INC.

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