Collection: We can customize anything in our shop!

We can customize anything in our shop!

Contact us at to get products customized for yourself, a friend, or a group fundraiser. If the item you want, is available in any form in The Shops at GGB, we can customize that item for you. 

Designs and logos are available through some of our creative HIP Team Members. 


Customization: We can customize any visual art from the Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection, Add Names, and favorite phrases to suit your needs. Make sure your personal face fashions do not get mixed up with others by personalizing them. Choose from any design in the gallery, and we can make a scarf or fashion your face for you! Yay!

We can customize anything you see in the store. Right now the Spray Guard is very popular, naturally. The Dog Tags are new, and we are so excited about this all-mom manufacturing team, based in the USA in New Jersey, Please, look around and let us know if you see anything you like, or if you have a design of your own, that you would like to see come to life as wearable art, or wall art to promote a worthy cause, like love... or just to support our HIP Programs, like S.E.T. or Voices of Foster Care, send us a text message 404-904-5046.

You may commission Visual Art, and other creations from Jessica Holter and The HIP Team. Join hip to access our music catalog, video archives, literary library, or unpublished video.

Raise money for your organization by producing a script on a stage near you...because, mostly, we write. Our productions come complete with show music, and referrals to The HIP Team Members in your area.

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