Blue Power to the Flower Fashion Dog Tag
Blue Power to the Flower Fashion Dog Tag

Blue Power to the Flower Fashion Dog Tag

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While this Fashion Dog Tag does not have magic powers to get you into a special event, it is cute and loaded with passive aggression. This bold statement of female pride in presented with soft blue energy, for women who are ready for all of it, whatever it is... but wait with patience for all reckoning. Your purchasing support helps us continue our S.E.T. Program. This Dog Tag features Punany Flower by Jessica Holter from the Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection.

Colors: Baby Blue on White.

Beaded aluminum chain included

Join the Sexual Revolution

There is a war against the womb. Ladies... Join the revolution. Rendezvous with (you know who) at the (you know what, you know where) to strategize compromise. Let us face our own compliance with misogyny in our culture and music, and use our tongues like natural iodine against "the dozens" that ushered in the verbal abuse we have come to treasure. With our cool new dog tags, we are reminded to use our tongues for good. 

We appreciate your contributions, especially this year as Jessica Holter is in the fundraising phase for her planned Speech Program for Fostered Youth, Voices of Foster Care. Proceeds from our sales, benefit this program. 

These dog tags are professionally printed in full digital color. They are great to show off your logo or favorite graphic. Contact us about designing something for your own good causes.

For more information about HIP Inc and our S.E.T. programs for adults, visit

.: Beaded aluminum chain included
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