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Black Love on Lockdown: Love Knows No Fear - A Punany Valentine's Day on Demand

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(Video Scenes from Valentine's 2020 in Atlanta)

If you are still in love, after being on lockdown, after being profiled, after watching our men and women killed in the streets...

If America and the corrupt police have not swayed you away from your heart chakra energy, and you still believe in the effectiveness of Black Magic...

If you are a man, who holds your woman tight, in the middle of the night, armed with your manhood and the knowledge that you must do, what a man must do to protect that which is most sacred to you...

If you are a woman who loves romance and are still in love with the idea of love, and you know that love is all that ever truly matters...

Jessica Holter's Valentine's 2021 show is for you!

There is room for you in Punany's Playhouse this Valentine's Day, Yes, February 14th, 2021, The Punany Poets go live from Atlanta to your personal video screen. Snuggle together in bed with your lover to catch new, sensual Punany scenes on your personal video screen. Register now to get your E-Ticket for only $3.

Order your ticket now, and start planning your perfect date night, at home, perhaps, in bed. Be part of our international audience to meet others who love as you do... profoundly, deeply, openly, in spite of everything we have been through.

* If you are already holding tickets, you are already registered to attend this show, email for your confirmation, if you have not received it by Feb 1st.

* All live shows have been suspended, and ticket-holders have been upgraded to HIP Members, who will be invited to rescheduled shows as they are calendared.


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