Collection: Valentine's Day with The Punany Poets

The Head Doctor is in. Open wide.

The Punany Poets are pioneers of erotic entertainment creating lush imagery on the printed pages and reality theater performances on stages.

Public Displays of Affection:

The word is God. Let us use our tongues for good. The Head Doctor Show features Love Confessions a moment for you to renew your vow of love. Hey, we give our flowers while our love's ones can smell them! (Just a head up, so you can start preparing now). Let your love come alive again with our with a public kiss! The Head Doctor's Kissing Competition is a blessing for all. Be the voyeur and just watch our bold lovers in Public Displays of Affection or play along. We have great prizes from The Shops at GGB you can win! Bring your open mind and a willing heart and The Head Doctor will change the way you think of date night.


Text & Soundtrack:

The text comes from the time honored writings of Jessica Holter's HIP Archives and her new book Verbal Penetration 2: Pussy Willow, laid to an eclectic home brew of soulful sounds and intoxicating rhythms to create an immersive experience that is energy efficient and purposefully provocative. For, it is our hope, when this Punany experience is inside you, you will go home, book and soundtrack in tow, to create an encore of your own.



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