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This is The Hood Doctor, coming to you live from the here and now. Welcome to my universe where I will share with you Random Acts of Healing for your Mind Body and Soul Edutainment. On this show, you will learn more about the most important person in the world, you! And you will get to know yourself better by learning how to take care of You better... Not to say that you are not doing a wonderful job, I want to remind you of some practices you may have forgotten about in this lifetime. I am AmiBrown CMT,CYT your host & tour Guide into the journey of You. Let us stay healthy and happy as we take this ride on this thang called life in a strange land we call Earth. We will talk about the Weather inside & outside of you & how you can keep your energy up & your immune system functioning properly. We will have a chance to chat with some amazing people about what Self Care & Wellness means from their perspective. We will listen to music that I have personally selected & requested from various Artists to help build your sound track for this trip. I will share some healthy snack ideas to nourish your body & soul so you can vibrate to your truest potential. There will be links available for you to buy your Self some coffee or buy me a coffee if you like.

Random Acts of Healing is a an original BrownKonnection Project and is supported by the Georgia nonprofit organization H.I.P. Inc.

Random Acts of healing airs on CoffyTV.com and PunanyTV.com. Listen to The Hood Doctor's audio productions on CoffyTalkRadio.com. Sign up for the Kidney Beam Group to learn more on CoffyTalk.com. 

If you are interested in personal therapy services, contact me directly at RandomActsofHealing@gmail.com.

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