Voices of Foster Care Documentary


"It is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness." - Confucius



"They have survived the system that produces 80% of inmates on death row. Now, as they age out of the foster care system, these 6 young men must face a live, worldwide audience, watching as they step into their manhood and find their voices on stage.”

It is said that public speaking is the #1 fear of human-kind. Indeed, effective communication is a universal key, that can open many doors, including that of the American oval office. In fact, we have seen this in full demonstration with the elections of President Obama and President Trump. While politically, polar opposites, both men, swayed a nation to extreme firsts, with powerful words. Yet, despite its necessity, Public Speaking is only an often overlooked elective course in public school, when and if it is available.  Project C.O.V.E. (Collective Oratory Voices for Excellence) is a bold new initiative in Georgia, which hypothesizes that improved communication skills can change the trajectory of a person's life and well being. For, the man who can command an audience is prepared for all things.


Voices of Foster Care is a public speaking training course, created for six young men in the Atlanta area, who are aging out, or have recently aged out, of the foster care system.  With our HIP Team Members, Graduate Students at Georgia State University and some friends at Toastmaster's International, we will offer daily instruction in a safe, classroom space, and provide them with fundamental public speaking skills which will better prepare them for professional and interpersonal communications as they move into the next phase of their lives.

As small children, when we are unable to communicate, we throw tantrums and cry. As adults, when we are unable to communicate effectively, we make mistakes that can be devastating and irreversible.  With nurturing and education, it is thought that we will all grow into well adjusted citizens, capable of reasoning through life's obstacles. But all-too-often, foster children are stunted in their growth the moment they are ripped away from their natural families. Abandonment issues metastasize faster than cancer and spread from these brokenhearted children, through families and entire communities. These children learn, early on, that that have no say in their own lives, and sometimes tolerate extreme abuses to keep from being given away again. There are 400,000, that's Four Hundred Thousand abandoned and removed children, suffering from the sins of their parents, bound with red tape, being hardened for sadists and sex traffickers, becoming food for pimps, and being systematically prepared for private prisons - while we say nothing. Voice of Foster Care is a life-changing experience for personal growth, and the facilitation of new relationships. Paired with students and recent graduates from Georgia State University, C.O.V.E. is 1-part mentorship, one part class and field-trip learning, and one part hands-on experience. Our students will not only learn how to speak, but will also, demonstrate in a self-produced public exhibition, which will be filmed live and broadcast world-wide. So, no matter where you are, if you can get online, you can watch the evolution of our young people as they rise, like the Phoenix, from the ashes left behind by the adults have failed them. But this is no pity party. Our focus is on eight fantastic weeks of their lives.


Participation Rewards:

1. $1000 Stipend: graduates will receive  $1000 stipend and other gifts from donors. 
2. 1 Laptop Computer per Graduate
3. Books, E-books, Gift Certificates
4. College Campus Access
5: Greater Atlanta Field Trips
6: Post Graduation Job Placement Assistance
7. Employability & Personal Development - Good communication skills help in nearly all professions. Our C.O.V.E. syllabus has been careful to include training in essential sought-after skill sets and access to more options and opportunities for advancement. 
- Confidence & Anxiety Management
- Preparedness & Planning
- Expressive and Expository Writing
- Casual Conversation vs Professional Communication 
- Problem-solving
- Environmental Adaptability
- Group/Partner Collaboration
- Research and Resource Management
- Organizational Skills
- Interpersonal skills
- Decision-making skills  
- Responsibility and Accountability
- Initiative & Leadership
- Information Use
- Accomplishment
- Analyzing Facts and Figures
- Defining Challenges
- Devising Contingency Plans
- Creating and Implementing Solutions  


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5. If you would like to recommend a young person who is currently in foster care, or who is aging out soon, we would love to talk to them about participating.