Book: 25 (The Vault 111120) New 500+ Page Collection

Book: 25 (The Vault 111120) New 500+ Page Collection

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Released Nov 11, 2020 in celebration of Jessica Holter & The Punany Poets' 25th Anniversary

BOOK: 25: The Vault 111120

Limited Edition - Get 506 pages of unadulterated work from Jessica Holter! Only 25 Printed: Support HIP with your order of this limited Edition New Release, Numbered, Personalized & Autographed by Jessica Holter after a virtual meeting with the esteemed author! All contributions benefit H.I.P. Inc.

*Allow 20 days for customization and shipping. Call 404-904-5046 to schedule a virtual meet & greet with Jessica once you place this special order.

Proceed with caution. Jessica Holter’s new book, 25: The Vault is a colossal collection of slick and gritty poetry that sticks to your soul. All about love, sex, race, the nature of man, and the competence of God, this epic literary keepsake will take you on an unforgettable ride through the prolific mind of the poet affectionately known as Ghetto Girl Blue. The creator of The Punany Poets celebrates 25 years in community service with this fresh new release of over 500 pages that could take you many years to get through.

Spend time alone with “25” for maximum satisfaction. Amaze and engage your friends in inspired conversations and poetic cyphers over wine, cheese and the politics of love. Cozy up with a lover for a more sensual read. Whatever you need, “25” is sure to tap into deep wells in long forgotten places in your soul.

Released during a unique and super-charged time in human history, 2020, and dating back to Free-Love 1969, where her parents lived in the famous nudist colony, The Digger Farm, the biracial public speaker, and foster care survivor does not mince words on issues of race-relations, identity, and the systematic crippling of our memories. At age 50 she says, she wanted to leave Easter eggs for the future to find with this first book for her nonprofit library. Now you can add 25 to your own library.
For Holter’s Soldiers of Love, “25” is a must-have with samples from each out of print title and stage production, by Holter and her highly regarded theater team The Punany Poets. Members of H.I.P. are welcome to apply for live production and publishing options at HIPINC.ORG.