"T Shirt" - Hip Hop Economy T-Shirt by Jessica Holter

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"T Shirt" - Hip Hop Economy T-Shirt by Jessica Holter from the Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection.

The evolution of the T-Shirt from a 19th Century undergarment to a common casual-wear and a high-fashion formulate for urban economical repair is quite remarkable. So let us remark, from an historically hip-hop perspective. In the 1980’s Black American musicians and entrepreneurs created some of the most valued T-Shirts in the World, turning children of former slave owners into walking billboards for Black consciousness and a Black economic upsurge we had not experienced since post Civil War Reconstruction. Through sports domination, hypnotic beats and cultural pride, Black Americans kick-started the T-Shirt business into a 1.6 billion industry that has created entrepreneurs, supplemented advertising and, literally, fashioned the World. You can expect to pay up to $13,000 for an original Run DMC Concert T-Shirt today! So, if you have a chance to support up and coming artists, with a T-Shirt purchase, please do. You never know what the value may be some day. 

Jessica Holter 

Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection Proceeds benefit VoicesiceofFosterCare.org

Classic Sublimation Panel T-Shirt

* Especially design for sublimation printing
* Fashion fit
* Crew neck
* Mixed fabric 100% Polyester 180gsm (front) with 65% Polyester 35% Cotton 160gsm (back)
* Back is plain black

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