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Verbal Penetration Film

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Before Def Poetry... There was Punany. After Def Poetry and all the rest who have come to play with words and to dip their toes in the erotic waters... Punany is still here.

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Often imitated, never duplicated, The Punany Poets' Verbal Penetration Show was filmed in 2007, seven years after their HBO television debut, and many years before erotic poetry had become a popular commercial entertainment genre. Jessica Holter, also known as Ghetto Girl Blue, invites her talented tenth to come together for a fire hot show, originally titled The 7 Year Itch. Grab a glass of wine, let down your hair, and prepare to have a good time, laughing along with Ms. Blue and the crew. And if you notice a nipple or two, don't be too shocked. Verbal Penetration marked a rare and unexpected return to artistic nudity when our lead burlesque poet Golden was coerced by Bo (MF) to lose her pasties! SLAM (Sexy Like a Motha Fucka) was a fan-favorite by 2007, and remains the John Henry of Holter's heart. He had been featured in a Real Sex episode before The Punany Poets... watch and you will see why he is a natural fit for Holter, who always ties love and lust together in a knot of Black unity.

Likewise, our location, The Crucible Swinger's Club and BDSM Den became home to The Punany Poets in Washington, DC.

With a popping soundtrack produced by Dwayne Wiggins and Lev Berlak, even the sound of Punany will comfort you. Verbal Penetration is presented in loving memory of Yulonda Washington, a hard-hitting producer, and manager from San Francisco, California who helped Jessica Holter bring an eleven-minute television feature on HBO Real Sex into a vibrant community service nonprofit organization producing and touring a signature Sex Education Theater program. We lost Yulonda in 2015 to a 3-year battle with breast cancer. HIP is now managed by radio producer Dontrella Lezelegance. Contact her about working with us to produce more videos and podcasts at