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Book: Verbal Penetration Hardcover (Personalized & Signed)

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5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite book
Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2018
"Every time I lend this book out, I never get it back. I’m about to buy what must be my 5th copy. I recommend this to everyone. It’s not just about sex. It speaks to things in all of us. This book is always my most prized possession. It’s a treasure, and often a reference, as I am a writer myself. It’s a must-have in any library."

Get your own autographed copy of The Punany Poet's Verbal Penetration

You will cherish this out of print, hardcover, 1st edition copy of Verbal Penetration, with a personalized message and autograph by author, Jessica Holter

Powerful, provocative, and raw, self-described punany poets take readers on an extraordinary erotic journey, melding poetry, short stories, and prose to explore the essence of black male and female sexuality.


The Punany Poets are pioneers of erotic entertainment, creating lush literary works that also encourage self-empowerment and safer sex. Punany Poets' founder Jessica Holter, whose urban classic Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms was featured on HBO's Real Sex, has adapted the Poets' compositions into a groundbreaking anthology created to rouse the senses and inspire the imagination. Vivid, compelling poems and prose pieces deal with every facet of modern love and lust, and blend tantalizing sensual imagery with an underlying message of urban-rooted AIDS awareness. Never preachy, always original, and guaranteed to stimulate the individual and the couple, Verbal Penetration is unique among poetry anthologies -- a riveting, multi-dimensional erotic experience with heart, soul, and message.