"When I See Black People I Feel ________" Fill in the Blank Coloring T-Shirt

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"When I See Black People I Feel ________" Fill in the Blank Coloring T-Shirt by Jessica Holter from the Art and Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection.

Don't get mad. Get real. Get this cool coloring T-Shirt to have an honest conversation with your child about racial feelings and social acceptance. You can color them together, while you talk.

Coloring T-Shirts are unique and creative products that bring collaborative fun to both adults and kids. The t-shirts are 100% ring spun cotton and come with 8 different non-toxic textile markers.

-This 144 gsm ringspun pre-shrunk cotton Jersey is knit exclusively of deluxe 30s soft style yarns, resulting in a lightweight, highly uniform fabric that makes an excellent backdrop for embellishment in a wide array of colors. With Euro fit shoulders and arms for a fitted look, it’s a modern-day essential.

- Adult T-Shirt Sizes; S 8/10 M 10/12 L 12/14 XL 14/16 2XL 18/20
- Kids T-Shirt Sizes; XS 3/4(14") S 5/6(15") M 7/8(16") L 9/11(17") XL 12/14(18.5")

- Colored permanent fabric markers are easily applicable with 5 mm tips.
- Colors available: black, brown, yellow, blue, red, pink, purple and green.

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